Do We REALLY Have the Power to Speak Those Things?

Is this mic on? Listen up, people. God is not a genie. He does not work on your behalf, without working on His behalf first. He is about you but He is also righteous and holy. He will move that way, always. His goals are not always yours and He will not always answer the […]

Why You Need a Morning Routine

Morning routines were not my friend. I simply got up and got moving, never giving a serious thought about my morning, until I would look up and see that I wasted what little bit of morning I had on much of nothing. I called it being a night owl and my juices not flowing until […]

7 Steps to Forming Healthy Habits

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. It is waking up with the alarm and choosing snooze over and over again until you realize you are late. It is going to the refrigerator and opening it up to see what is in there when you already […]

Holy Spirit, Clean My Heart

Create in me a clean heart. That is something I ask God to do all the time. You see I know that my heart is filled with stuff that lies outside of the will of God. The heart is a physical thing but when the Word speaks of the heart it deals with the moral […]

A Remedy for Anxiousness

Anxiety has been an issue of mine for many years. It started when I was little. Being a victim of molestation you get scared and anxious because you are not sure when your tormentors will come after you. This anxiousness has followed me all the way to this point and I am ready to break […]